Tinder of reconciliation

Most of you know Tinder, which is a dating app where people express interest in each other and only if both people pick each other then Tinder generates a match and allows people to contact each other. I plan to make something similar, but for people reconciliation. As you know breakups happen quite often, it's just reality of life, it can happen for million of reasons, e.g. somebody said something or didn't do something and another party maybe overreacted, many times it's not somebody's particular fault, more often 50/50 fault, so people breakup, but later they might cool down and rethink the whole situation and they want to reconcile, but they don't know if other party is feeling the same. This web app will let people express their intention to reconcile and if intention is mutual then there will be a "match" and notification will be sent to both parties, so it's like Tinder, but for reconciliation. I think it will help many people to get back together, therefore making great benefit to society as a whole.

So here on this page below you can enter your email address and your partner email address, then this page will send email with unique link to both of you, you both get a unique pair token! Later in unpredictable future, if god forbid you breakup, you can use that link with your token to express interest in reconciliation, and if both of you activate the link then you will receive a "match" notification. If only one of you clicks the link then another party won't know.